Prepping to Paint


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Prepping to Paint


I'm anal and about ready to paint. I have 2 main questions:

-someone put a joint in one wall's crown molding, and now its separately slightly (probably due to the building settling). How do i straighten it out without taking it off and putting it back? Can i just try to hammer it (with protection) closer to the wall?

-I have cracks in my plaster due to the building settling. How do I fix those prior to painting...sand, tape, spackle, prime, paint? Is there a difference between doing this on plaster and wallboard, or do those repairs use the same tools/techniques?

Many thanks in advance.

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If the opening in the crown is obviously due to movement away from the wall, that is: it is pulled away at the ceiling, too, then nailing it to the ceiling joist or top plate may be an option. Depending upon the size of the crown and the location of the joists, this may not be a trivial task.

If the opening is small, say 1/32" then you may be able glue and brad it to the other piece in the joint and solve the problem.

If the running joint has moved along the length of the crown, it is due to house movement. Caulking or puttying and sanding to the profile would remedy this.

How wide is the crown?

Cracks in plaster. Here is all you ever wanted to know about plaster:

Generally, you make minor repairs to plaster the same as for wallboard. I have some successful variations for separation along the joints where the walls meet or where the ceiling and walls meet.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the helpful information. The plaster link will help me to repair the cracks.

The crown moulding is a problem where the 2 pieces join, and it looks like the joint is a little "twisted" in that the top comes out and the bottom is closer to the wall on one side. I was hoping just to secure it the right way and fill the joint so its less noticable.

Also, i've got picture molding in my bedroom, but there's an inch or so above it. In 2 spots, the plaster in that inch is kinda looking like popcorn. Its not wet, and i can't figure out what caused it. Any guesses?

Thanks again in advance for any help you can provide.

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If the area that's bubbling or popcorn loking as you described it is an inch from the corner seam, it's probably a tape bubble, meaning the joint tape didn't embed into the mud thoroughally. If that's what it is, just cut out the area carefully with a utility knife, & then skim coat over it.

Your crown molding joint could be a real PITA to get smothed out. See if you can push it into place without popping it loose somewhere else. If so predrill it and nail it down. Use some caulk to fill the gap as long as it's not too big and repaint it.

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