Can I tape either side of drywall? ?


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Can I tape either side of drywall? ?

What happens if I tape the wrong side?

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You mean to tape the back of the wall joint instead of the front that is seen?
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Guess I worded it wrong

Is there a correct SIDE of the wall board to place against the studs, then screwing on and then placing tape on top (seen)surface to mud?
In other words can either side of drywall be put against the studs?
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Most but not all brands of drywall have brown paper on the back, and that side goes towards the studs. A few brands are a little more difficult to tell, but you can tell the difference if you look. You can mud either side, but it's gonna take a really thick skim (finish) coat to cover it. Sorry I missed your ? earlier, been a hard week.
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Deja vu.

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