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05-18-03, 12:11 PM   #1  

Just bought an old house I may fix up for rental property. I noticed the ceilings have thin board instead of drywall. The thin slick type that makes me think of bathrooms. Masonite or something (marolite maybe? Borrowed that from awesomedell in another post). Anyway, someone put up a grid of strips of wood nailed to the ceiling joists (about 24" squares) to help hold this stuff up. Of course some are sagging now. The original joists are 24"on center with blown insulation. My guestion is, can I just screw drywall to these strips since they are arranged in a 24" grid and provide more area for the screws in the field of the drywall? If so, is it necessary to go with 5/8" or can I go with 1/2" drywall?


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05-18-03, 05:07 PM   #2  
24" centers are too great for 1/2" drywall. If these strips are 3/4" thick and fastened to the joists they would seem to be strong enough anyway. Supplementing the existing furring strips to give 16" centers would give you something to work with.

Hope this helps.

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05-19-03, 12:23 PM   #3  
24" centers are too great for 1/2" drywall

Think so even with the extra pieces if the grid in the field? I mean the strips are attached to the joists with the long strips going perpedicular to the joist and the short strips going parallel.

But say I go with 5/8", should there be any concern about the empty space between the drywall and the existing covering? I totally agree about 1/2" being wrong for 24" centers, but was thinking maybe the extra strips that make up 24" squares in the grid might hold 1/2"firm enough. But I will take the word of someone much more experienced than me.

Tx a bunch.

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05-19-03, 09:41 PM   #4  
hello boman,

guessing here that the grid work is 1" material, (actually 3/4") as previous reply reffered to, if so, run either 5/8" class C drywall, or it might be cheaper to go with 1/2" class X, either is fire rated so there'll be no problem with codes. Either one will deal with the 24" centers.

Run your sheets across the original studs & it'd be a good idea to use a long screw that will get at least 1/2" into the studs. Otherwise you'll probablly be fixin saggin seams in 3-4 yrs.

Good luck.

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