drop down ceiling or drywall?


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drop down ceiling or drywall?

my basement.
the previous owner build a drop down ceiling and it is too low that only leave 6' height on the basement. I don't know why he dropped to that low but it annoyed me, I can feel like it hit my head. I am planning to take them all out and put drywall up, that will leave 1' extra for my head......

If I throw away the drop down ceiling materials is kind of waste money, but nobody will buy them used or maybe it doesn't fit there house size. If I rise it up, it is quite a bit of works, I have to take them all out first then ... a lot of little steps go along.
Now if I take them all out, then screw new drywalls up, it is faster but cost money.

What you guys think, should I raise the ceiling or put new drywall in? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each case? which case is better sound prove? There are fiber glass insulations between the joints already.
your time is really appreciated.
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Hi Bill,

Given the fact you've already got a drop lid & sounds like an extra foot of head rm all the way around. Everything is there, all you have to do is the labor, just draw a pencil line at the bottom of the grid work, raise it a foot, use a level & make sure the whole grid is level & drop your panels back in. Definitely the cheapest way to go & when you think about the labor time to finish the drywall ceiling, as long as the drop lid is in good shape, carefully raise it & you'll be time & $$ ahead.

Tip; look at renting, a laser level, it'll make the project much easier. Probably cost ya $30-$50 for 1/2 day, but save ya a half day's labor for a helper over doing it manually with a 4 ft level.

Good luck.
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Thanks for quick reply.
That is right, what I need is labor.

Any other opinions?
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You said you would save 1 foot. Do you mean you would be able to raise the drop ceiling a foot, or if you put the drywall directly on the joists you would get the additional foot?

If you can only raise the drop ceiling 1/2 foot, the drywall might be a better option. Otherwise, if you can get a full foot, it would definitely save time and $$ to keep it.

Also, I think you are supposed to have 7' in height to meet most building codes - if that is any concern...
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drop down ceiling or drywall?

I sure would try to just raise the existing grid If this helps the tiles in a grid are far better for sound proofing than drywall screwed directly to wood joists.

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