Move support post into new wall??


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Move support post into new wall??


I have been refinishing my basement and have a metal support post that I'd like to be able to "move" about 2 feet so that I can incorporate it into a newly built wall.

My main questions are:
1. Can this support be moved (place new post, tear out old) the 30" without damaging the house structure?

2. What is the best way to build the new pole into the wall? (Would tying into the wall base be okay to spead the weight or do I have to break out concrete and pour a new footing?)

3. The current "sill plates" for the new pole are 4 1/4" wide, which doesn't fit into my 2x4 wall. Can I safely trim down the sill plates?

I've created a quick webpage with some pictures to hopefully explain myself better.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello & welcome aboard,

From your pictures, I'd say yes you can move the pole , but I got to qualify that & strongly recommend you have qualifed pro take a look at this first hand before proceeding.

But if it was my house I'd set the new pole up as you've planned first and jack it into position, then remove the existing post. The top & bottom plates can be trimmed, but be prepared, it's pretty slow going with a hacksaw. If you have a grinder, that's how I'd trim them. But food for thought, the plates will be wider than the 2"x4" wall, but when you add 1/2" to that for the drywall, I'd think they'll be fine.

As to setting up the new pole, set it into place & make sure it's plumb & in position. Then mark your floor & move pole aside. Then use a masonry bit to predill holes for anchors, put the anchors in the holes, set the post back in place & use bolts to attach the plate to the concrete floor. This could also be accomplished using a hilti or other powder charged fastening gun.

Best of luck, let me know if you have more ?'s. Post some pics of the place when you get finished.
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Re: move support post into new wall?

Thanks, awesomedell, I appreciate the feedback. As a last question, do you think it would be okay to secure the top of the new post to the the 2x6 that's secured to the bottom of the i-beam or do I have to secure it directly to the i-beam?

The 2x6 is in great shape and aside from renting a welder I'm not sure how I'd secure to the metal directly.
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I hate to disagree with awsomedell, he is usually right on, but I think he is off on this one except where he suggests you have a pro look at this.

Quite frankly, I'd be surprised if you can just simply move the bearing point for 2 reasons:
1. The existing post sits on a footing that is below the floor slab. If you put the new post 30" over, you're not sitting on a footing any more, just a thin (4"?) little concrete floor.
2. If you move the support for the beam 30", you have increased the span by 30" on one side. Very questionable whether or not there is enough "slop" built into the beam design to accommodate this. Any chance there is a splice in the beam at the existing bearing point? If so, that could also be a problem.

If you really want to move this post you need to get a structural engineer involved to look at the whole thing. You may find that, based on the loads on the beam and column, you can do what you want, but I sure wouldn't count on it.

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when I said I strongly recommend you have a pro look at this first hand before proceeding, I meant it. I also said "If this was my house", meaning, I would have looked at it first hand & determined that this could be safely done.

If you get a green light on this from a professional locally, yes the top plate of the post can be mounted to the 2"x6" under the beam.

Bruce makes very valid points about the possible setbacks to your plan though which should be heeded.

Thanks for the back-up there Bruce, after looking @ my posting from last night, I realize this morning that I maybe didn't make myself clear enough. I don't claim to be perfect & all-knowing, but I strive for it.
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Thanks both.. The footing had been my main concern but I was hoping I could get away with it. The i-beam being supported here is only 3 feet from the foundation wall. There's another i-beam that runs near the middle of the basement (and out through the middle of the garage) that carries the intersection for the 2x10 floor joists (16" o.c.). It looks like the i-beam in question here was simply placed there because they weren't allowed to span the floor joists the full 18 feet to this foundation wall. If you go to the upper level of the house there isn't any load bearing walls within 5' of the support post. Currently the i-beam runs 13' to the west foundation wall and 15' to the east foundation wall. By moving the post the 30" to the east it would be almost the inverse of the current lengths..

Oh well, I'll have it checked out before going further. I appreciate the help!

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