Texture Repair on Metal Corner Strips


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Texture Repair on Metal Corner Strips

[SIZE=2]I'm trying to make repairs to my home, which was originally built in 1983, so I can put it on the market. The one task I'm not sure how to handle is repairing areas on the corners of my walls where varying sized areas of texture have chipped off the metal drywall corners which are everywhere in the house.

I would presume that I will need to clean the exposed metal with something to make sure whatever I use will stick properly, but what?

Also, is there any kind of product on the market specifically made for these types of thin coat, small area texture repairs? One of my co-workers suggested using a spray can type of texture directly on the metal and then painting after it has had enough time to dry thoroughly. (Lots of humidity here on the Texas Gulf Coast.)

Would be most grateful for any suggestions.

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You might want to create a smooth surface with regular drywall mud first, before spraying on the texture.
You can experiment on a cardboard box.
Good Luck!
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I'd suggest you sand the texture completely off the corners & then use flex bead corners to redo them. The product will come in a long thin box, comes in 10'-12' lengths. It's basically a thin v shaped metal with paper tape molded over it. Haven't used the reg metal corners since this stuff came on the market. It's available at the big box places or better lumber yards.

Cut the pieces to length for your corners, apply regular drywall mud, thinned properly, to the corners, slap up your corner bead, & use a hand cornering tool to embed it & remove excess mud.

Since you say you're putting the place on the market, if you're not familiar with drywall finishing. I'd suggest you might want a pro to come in & do this for your, it's not hard but it is a learned technique & takes some practice to get it right.
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Thumbs up Flex Bead

[SIZE=3]Thanks to both of you for the advice. I'll check with both Lowes and Home Depot on the way home tomorrow for the flex bead. The current metal stripping has evidently bowed or flexed over time due to the house settling, which has caused the original mud and texture to crack and pop away in places on almost every corner in the house.

I've got quite a job ahead in order to make it look good enough to attempt to compete with the new construction nearby, but the return should make the effort worth it. Just need a few more hours in the day! I'm one of those independent Texas females trying to ride herd on a high school junior, work and do the "domestic engineering" tasks as well. Can't complain though, it's a great way to keep those pesky extra pounds off!

Thanks again for the info!

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