removing texture


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removing texture

hi. my mother and i are purchasing a home together (2 women) we plan on doing all of the remodeling ourselves. we have tons of questions...but i'll work one at a time =)

all of the walls upstairs, including ceilings, are sheet rock. her x husband put tacky seashell textures on all of the ceilings. it's not really thick. there are a few seams and cracks beneath the texture (the texture seems to magnify them) i need to know the easiest way to get the ceilings texture-free. any advice is greatly appreciated. also the 'best' suggestion for sheetrock finish is needed.

thank you for your time and understanding!! heather
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When you say tacky I am assuming that you are reffering to the way they look not the way they are adhered to the ceiling. The texture should soften up with water so you can remove it.
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IWD has ya on the right track. Sounds like a knockdown texture coat you're talking about. We just use a spray botltle & mist down the texture real good & let it stand a few minutes & then scrape it off with with a large k/d paddle, or a large drywall knife. The majority of it should come off that way, but some sanding will be required. You're bad seams would indicate that you have a bit of a sag problem. Any nails or screw that are visibily high should be tapped down with a regular hammer or drywall hatchet. You want them to be slightly dimpled but not break the face paper. I'd also add a few additional screws to snug up the lid.
There's lots of good info here on the site on patching drywall, take a look at the links on this page.
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wait a minute guys and girls. You arn't going to be able to scrape anything off if it's painted. Best route is to retape any cracks and bad seems and skim everything. You might want to hire a professional for this.
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thank you for all of the handy info. sounds messy =) i'll let you know what a pain it was in a few weeks.

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