repairing plaster wall


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repairing plaster wall

I'd be grateful for some advice -- (which may be to pay a pro to do this job) -- but, I'm hoping to be able to do it myself.

I've done lots of is scraping, spackling and painting and simple carpentry before (shelves, doors back on), but nothing more.

Problem is a small bathroom. Someone before me papered the walls. Noticing unevenness and some bumps below the paper, and one top corner where it looked like there had been a leak and the paper bubbled, I peeled back the paper. Chunks of dried up plaster feel off. My guess is, that after taking the rest of the paper off, I'll find more of that corner comes down and there will be cracks and some smaller dried pieces elsewhere.

I've no experience with drywall and was wondering if I could just replaster (using joint compound or something a little better to work with than plaster). Smooth it as well as I could, sand and paint. But...? Any suggestions or information very much appreciated.

Please email direct to: [email protected] -- and thank you.
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repairing plaster wall

here in canada ther is a sheetrock 90 which is very good in areas that are damp and dries in 90 minutes. Its powdered and you mix the amount you need as you have short working time an hour at best. If you just want to repair the surface this is best as it is sandable. However you may want to make sure that exhaust fan is adequate ,if there is continued damage and no apparent leaks ie: from the window,shower doors etc then there may not be any or damaged vapour barrier behind the drywall.
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Two roads to choose. First rip all the plaster out and re drywall. Second fill in with drywall mud. Sounds like you want to go with the second. To do this strip all the wall paper. Remove any loose material. If there are any cracks V them out and pre fill with mud. Now fill the holes with mud. It may take more than one coat to fill. When it is reasonably flat put mesh tape over the entire filled area. This will prevent cracking. Now you will probably want to skim the entire walls with 3 coats of mud and sand. Big job--might want someone else to do it for you.
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Smile Thanks for help

Thanks for the various suggestions. Clear it can be done, and even though some different recommendations of products to use, principle of how to clear out, bevel, fill-in & finish are excellent guides.

I'm going to first do a smaller area of damage than the one I mentioned. If that goes well -- on to the big corner crumble. If it seems like rest of wall will be too major a project, I can see what someone else will charge -- but will be much less naive about what needs to be done.

Happy projects to all who replied so quickly and helpfully.

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