Wallboard over brick?


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Wallboard over brick?

The previous homeowner had enclosed an existing patio that we'd now like to make into a family room. During the enclosure, two existing exterior brick walls became two interior walls. We'd like to cover these walls with wallboard (not paneling) but was wondering if any special concerns or precautions are necessary. And if not, what is a standard way to go about attaching the wallboard?

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Wallboard over brick?

nothing special as far as I know. Simply frame a wall with 2X's attaching sills to the floor and ceiling members, attach drywall to new framing. If the brick is smooth anf level you may be able to laminate board directly to brick with durobond.
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I do this a lot in comercial remodels. Laminating drywall to brick works just fine. I would not even attempt to stud or fur out the wall. This is what we do, as long as the brick is flat and the mortor joints are clean and not falling out.

Get a box of Tapcon Screws, lots of drywall adhesive and your sheetrock. You will need a hammer drill to drill holes in the brick. You will also need at least 2 people, 3 is ideal. take your mesurement for your sheet rock (board). Cut it to length. Glue the brick heavily and get as much coverage as possible. We usually use 1 quart tubes and run a half inch to one inch bead every six inches up and down then we do the same side to side. Now have two people set the board in place. Take the hammer drill and drill hole about every foot along the bottom of the board for a top board and along the top for a bottom board. Put a few tapcon screws in the holes being careful not to screw them all the way through the board. Do this all along the perimiters of every board and run a few in the centers (feilds) of the boards about ever 16 to 20 inches. After this is done let the wall sit for 3 or 4 days for the glue to set. Go back and turn the tapcon screws out of the board or drive them all the way through so they are out of your way for finish. This works great and I have never had any problems with it cracking, breaking etc.

Remember in drywall board installation, glue is your greatest friend. Any other fasteners (screws, nails etc) are just clamps for your glue. Glue will deture bad seams, cracks and nail/screw pops.



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