Cordless review


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Cordless review

Hi Folks,

This is a bit of poll directed at the rock pros that frequent the forum.

Recently saw the Senco cordless screwgun & rotozip tools, seems like it would be a great advantage over fighting the cords, this guy had just gotten his & was very pleased, but I'm wondering how they're gonna hold up in the long term.

Also if anyone has been using them for a while, do you feel the time savings offsets the higher initial cost plus the higher cost of the screws. One of my local supply guys has the 14.4 volt set right now for about $300, that's the screwgun, with 2 batteries & charger & you get the rotozip w/one battery "free". If I did the figures in my head right this afternoon, the screws come out about $20 a box higher than conventional screws.

What are your thoughts & opinions guys?
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Cordless review

well dell if someone gave me these things as a gift they'd be the cat's meow. A buddy'sbeen using cordless for 3 years with no complaint except the cost of screws and availability.
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Sorry to say havn't had any experiance with the cordless. The only draw back to them would be if the battery wouldn't last. You know when I screw off now with my trusty dewalt corded I just lock the trigger and go.

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