Damp Patch on Wall


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Question Damp Patch on Wall

I have just moved into my first home and have noticed a wet patch halfway up one of the walls. It is not moudly, and does not smell musty so I'm assuming this is fairly new??? The patch is in the corner of a room spreading across both walls - one wall is attached to next door and the other to the outside world. The patch is spread evenly across both walls.

I have looked at photos of what the previous owner had in the room, and in that corner was a indoor tree/plant with the leaves of the tree being around the same height as the damp area, and abotu the same shape and size. It could be that she had the plant there to cover up this damp patch, but is it at all possible that the plant could have caused the problem?
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Plants will transpire moisture in the course of life. They will pass this moisture on to adjacent objects that touch them. It certainly can be that the tree she had could have provided moisture to absorb into the wall. Nevertheless, it would have evaporated after the tree was removed.

If the patch of wall is still wet, then there must be a current source of moisture to provide the dampness. Some of these hidden sources can include: leaking pipes in the wall, moisture from a shower on the opposite side of the wall, leaking roof with attendant wet insulation in the attic, moisture settling from some source above the damp area.

Over time, the persistent source of moisture will destroy the wall and its supporting structure.

It may serve you well to locate and eliminate the source of any moisture producing a persistently damp place in your wall.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for this. I will test for dampness in the wall and if it is damp then will get someone to look at it. There is an external wall (which separates the garden from next doors) which attaches to the house in this corner. It could be there is some problem there causing the damp area. I don't think there are any pipes behind the wall but will double check just in case something is leaking.

Thanks again.
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Damp Patch

If you think the seller placed the plant in front of the damp spot to conceal a defect in the house, you may wish to check with your real estate agent to see what, if anything, can be done. The seller may be liable for the repair.

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