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Does anyone remember those old white 12" ceiling tiles with 484 holes in them?

Hello all,

I am redoing a few celing sections of my father's home. He was a
bricklaying and built the house himself. He used a white 12 inch
by 12 inch ceiling tile, that has 484 holes in each tile...that is...22 holes running up and down and 22 holes running left to right.

We had a few water leaks during the years and now our home is up for sale. I want to make the ceiling as nice as I can, for the future homeowner. Is there anyone who remembers this type of tile...it was in many homes during that era and also in the 60's.

I would like to purchase these tiles...if it is still possible. Or, if not, what would be my alternative?

I thank everyone for taking the time in reading my request. I will be hopeful in waiting for a reply.


Patrick Cambre...New Iberia, La., USA
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Tile of those dimensions are still made. I don't know if the perforations are still like you describe. A good building supply house can tell you. If the tile are only stained and not sagging or missing then you can paint them. Kill the stains with a good stain killer (anybody know one?) then paint the whole ceiling. I have seen people spray your type of ceiling with drywall texture too. Kill the stains and keep the texture light and dry it out as quickly as you can. It greatly improved the ceiling I saw done this way.
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Concerning the white 12" tiles...

Yes, thank you for the reply...

...I know Lowe's sells 12" white tiles...but I am looking in
particular for those 22 by 22 holes...which are 484 in all.

Thank you again for the reply.


Patrick Cambre
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The only companies I know of who still make the 12x12 ceiling tile are USG/CGC and Armstrong. I doubt that the pattern you want is still in production but every building center will stock one or both of these brands so it shouldn't take too long to find out. Even if you can find the identical tile you won't find the identical color. A new tile will never match the tiles that have been on the ceiling for the past 50 years! If the only damage is water stains then you can use a stain killing primer like Zinsser BIN to seal the stain and then cover with a regular ceiling paint. I used this process in a 70's vintage mobile home that has basically the same type of ceiling tile and no shortage of water stains from leaks in the old metal roof with great success. Make sure you clean the ceiling thoroughly with TSP before painting.
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Thank you for the reply...

Dear Sir,

Yes, thank you for the reply. I have indeed changed out a few of the tiles a few years ago...and I did have to repaint, as the color had faded from white to an off-dusty white.

My next challenge is to find the 484 holes to match the 'looks' of the tile...

I will check with those two companies to see if they off the same style.

Thank you again.



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