Finishing Drywall


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Finishing Drywall

I am in the process of finishing off the drywall in my basement. At this point, I am ready to start sanding and have been doing some research on purchasing an orbital sander that can be hooked up to a vacumn to help eliminate a large amount of the dust vs. sanding by hand. Can anyone shed some light on using an orbital sander attached to a vacumn. A circular or square orbital sander and do you need a special type of shopvac and/or filter for the shopvac. I presently own a small shopvac and might have to upgrade as well. The orbital sander that I was looking a was circular orbital sander made my Porter Cable for $60 at the Home Depot. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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I've never seen an attachment for an orbital sander. You better use 300 grit sandpaper or else you will scatch it up something fierce. You might want to try this, put a light topcoat over all the seams and feather out the edges with a sponge.
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Finishing Drywall

I've seen an orbial sander for drywall but this contraption must have been worth hundreds of dollars. Are you sure it's not just a sanding block with a handle that uses mesh. If this is the case it will come with a hose that fits any shopvac hose. Make sure that you use a vacuum bag in the shop vac because drywall dust ruins the vacuum if used without a bag.
If dust is a major problem then these sanders are the answer, do not press hard as the mesh will leave lines in the mud that will show thru the paint. Also, because it vacuums out the dust you will have alot of pinholes to patch that normally would have filled up with dust and paint.
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I took a length of bilge pump hose from lowes and attached it to the exhaust port of my random orbital sander and the other end to the hose of my shopvac with a HEPA bag in it. It worked great. I used duct tape to attach it. Bilge pump hose is cheap, ribbed so it won't collapse, and the right size to attach to both with duct tape. I use it to sand indoors in all my renovations.

Hope this helps.

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