Sheetrock to Adobe walls


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We currently have standard sheetrock walls and we would like to convert them to adobe walls, sort of Santa Fe style. Are there videos or books out there on how to go about this? Has anyone else done this how did you go about it?
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I do not know of anyone who has done it. Up here in
Minnesota we do not have a lot of adobe type dwellings.
However, I am sure that it can be done. You would
have to build your shapes first and then put new sheet
rock over them. Just as we do when we make curved
arches, we make our shape and then put on the sheet
rock. We have to score the back of the sheet rock
sometimes in order to bend it in the arch that we want.
Also there are plastic edges available that can be bent
in an arch if you need them. (One side of the plastic
corner piece is cut for easy bending.)

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If I understand you right, it is not very hard at all. The trick is in the mud. This may be something you want a professional to do. It takes an airless sprayer with large nozzels, and the mud mixed just right. If you sheetrock has been painted, you will have to put a good primer on it to get the mud to stick. Perhaps a product called First Coat. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor

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