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putting firmika behind the kitchen sink on the wall

putting firmika behind the kitchen sink on the wall


Old 01-22-00, 07:38 AM
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im installing firmika on the wall behind the kitchen sink for cleaning purposes
i couldnt remove the old stuff so i put this over it
bad bad girl i know
but i didnt have an option
now it wont stick real well
what can i do to keep it up
some type of trim
or pretty screws ect.........
im a generic remodeler
limited funds

thank you

penny jo
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Old 01-24-00, 05:11 AM
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1) clean the old stuff real well. All the grease, dirt, etc must be removed. Use tsp if you have to. Then rinse it well and let it dry.

2) Spread contact cement on the old and the back of the new laminate. Read the label directions as different brands and types have different 'set-up' times.

3) Use dowels, yard sticks, slats from an old mini-blind to keep the two pieces apart. Carefully line them up. Pull hte middle dowel out and press them together. Work slowly, from the middle out.

4) Be careful. Once the two peices touch, you'll never get them apart.

5) BTW - its formica. Its called that because it was originally created as a substitute 'for mica'.
Old 01-24-00, 05:13 AM
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Forgot one thing - after the new is on the old, take a piece of 2x4 and a hammer. Hold the 2x4 against the formica and hit it with the hammer. Do this all over the wall.

The contact cement needs the high pressure generated from the blows to reach its full strength.

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