Damaged sheet rock corners


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How do I repair the corners of the sheet rock? The corners are brittle and the paint has chipped off. I can find information on patching holes and nails, but nothing on the corners. The corners are very worn. What do I need to do?
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I would suggest you buy some sheetrock corners and install them. They come in either metal or plastic. Cut them to length,
tack them in the corners, mud them, prime them, and paint them. Your done. Will take
at least 2 coats of mud. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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You can do what Jack the Contractor suggested, or if the
chipping is very small, there are finished corners that
glue or nail on the corners that may cover it up. These
would be decorative corners made to go on the outside of
the sheet rocked corners. Usually they ae plastic, about
a 1/16 inch thick and about 3/4 - 1 inch on each side of
the corner.

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damaged sheet rock above tiles


I read the forum on damaged sheet rock corners but am not sure if the suggested solutions will work for me. I bought a house about 10 years ago and there are mold stains coming through the wallpaper which I tolerated as estimates to remove was high. I finally hired a handyman to remove the wallpaper, however, he did not remove all the wallpaper and mudded over the wallpaper. Bubbles started happening and I decided to remove the mud and the wallpaper. Underneath wallpaper was completely black, covered with mildew/mold. I also notice black stains coming through the mud on the area around the window frame in the shower stall. The tiles go half way up the height of the window and the rest is drywall? I sprayed on the mud and when I tried to scrape the mud off, the drywall? simply disintegrated. I stopped and called a drywall contractor to get a quote to just replace the areas around the window frame but quoted what I thought was an outrageous amount to rip and replace the drywall on the upper half of the shower wall and an adjacent wall. I have no experience working with drywall repair and would like advice. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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