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I just purchased a house with a bad kitchen. The plaster ceiling (corner) in the kitchen is already 1/4 torn down and the lath above is showing signs of water damage & loose keys? We already ripped most of the plaster & lath down from sink wall~As it was rotted and very bad! (8x12 kitchen) Now I'm reading that we should have just hung drywall over it? Ugh! So what about the ceiling? Rip it out? Hang drywall over all that ugly stuff? What is the best way to proceed? There is only one small area of plaster ripped down and no lath is taken down yet. should we just hang the drywall over the old ceiling? The plumber has corrected all the leaks and the new stack is in place. Plus any tips on how not to loose your mind during all of this good stuff~?????? P.S I'm just a girl! ;^)
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How extensive is the water damage? Does it involve any ceiling joists? What is above this ceiling for insulation? I have to assume that if the lath boards are water damaged, the water had to come through the insulation to get to them. That ruined the insulation. Once you have all of that fixed, then I would probably not remove the lath and plaster. Just sheetrock the entire ceiling. But, in the area where you have already removed the plaster, depending on how large that is, you may need to fill that in to the same level as the rest of the ceiling to back the sheetrock. (1/4" plywood or whatever is the right thickness. Then use long enough screws to hang the rock so that they are at least an inch into the ceiling joist (thickness of the sheetrock, the lath and plaster, plus 1") Make sure you hang the rock perpendicular to the joists. Good luck.

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