Black stain on stucco


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We live on the Pacific Northwest in a high rainfall area. The house we live in has an ivory coloured stucco on it, including the chimneys. The stucco on both chimneys have black stains on them except on the south exposed side. It appears the stain is a black mold. Anyone knows how to remove it and prevent it from reoccuring?
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Mold and mildew can be killed with household bleach and or a strong solution of TSP. To help to prevent a reoccurrence go to a paint store and purchase a fungicide additive (M1 is one brand) and the purchase a masonry sealer. When the stucco is completely dry mix the two and apply. The fungicide is deadly posion and should be handled with care.
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Their is a great web page that give complete information on subject.

Vincent R. Valles, Sr.
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Thank you for the good advise. Will try the bleach/TSP combination and the fungicide/sealer. Is there any particular ratio of water, bleach and TSP you would recommend?

I also looked at the web page. Excellent information! Thank you.

Nick Kovats
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Ratio: 2 Tbsp. (one oz.) of TSP, 1 cup bleach, for each gallon of water.

If you would like to watch the mold and mildew "burn and fry" this is what I do sometimes: spray on straight liquid pool chlorine (but be careful of the fumes). Of course, a friend of mine is a pool and solar contractor, so my cost for the chlorine is minimal. BTW, 1 cup pool chlorine + 1 gallon of water (less one cup) makes cheap household bleach.
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Thanks again to all contributors! This is a great web site!

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