Patching Ceiling Hole


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Patching Ceiling Hole

My parents are taking a two week vacation this August, and I offered to repaint our family room while they are gone. As an added surprise I was hoping to repair a 1 by 2 foot hole in the ceiling, caused by a leaky pipe. Being a newcomer to home repair I was hoping someone might have some insight into what the job entails. I have fixed drywall on a wall before, but never on a ceiling. I do know the basics of installing a new piece of drywall and fastening and taping it, but I have no idea how intense a job it will be. Also the entire ceiling is textured and I wanted to replicate the texturing on the new patch. Can anyone give me any insight into this?

Thank you,
Eric Scalf
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Cut the hole to each joist. Cut a piece of drywall a little larger than the hole but so it will still fit between the joists. In other words it will be the same size as the hole in one dimension but larger in the other. Trace around your new piece on the ceiling. Cut the hole to your lines then put a couple 1X2's longer than your hole and screw them to the sides of the joists. This is what you will screw your patch to. Install and tape the patch.. On some other scraps experiment with the texture until you are satisfied with the match. Is this a sprayed texture? A knock down texture or something else? If it is sprayed I have had good luck spraying the patch and letting it dry then spraying the whole ceiling. I have also heard horror stories of people trying this and having the new wet texture soften the existing and letting it fall. I always try to do a respray on a hot day and dryi it out as fast as possible. I never had a failure and I have always ended up with invisible patches this way.
Let us know what kind of texture you have and what you do with it and how it works.

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