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I want to open up my ceilings and put skylights in my one-story house (extention built early 80's), and remove a wall that might be bearing.
Is there anything I should know about roof support? Does the roof rest on the walls, and does the partition wall hold up anything else than the ceiling?
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First - you've got to determine if the wall is load bearing. Search the archives in this forum for information on how to make this determination.

Second - if it is load bearing it definitely holds up your ceiling. Depending on the age and location of your house, you may not have trusses, but rafters and joists instead. If you were to remove a load bearing wall from under a joisted ceiling, you will get disastrous results. More than like someone would get injured badly.

The joists hold your walls parallel to each other and hold the ceiling in place.

You can still put in a skylight, but it is not likely a DIY job for a novice or intermediate. A professional might not even know how to do this correctly.

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