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what does " residential prefinished drywall" mean? and . .walls finished to ceiling (no crown)?
also what is a "luan mating wall"

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They sound like terms from a manufactured home catalog/brochure.
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maybe. . maybe NOT . .but I asked for info on the meaning of these terms NOT your opinon on where I may have read or heard them!
so I still need to know what is prefinished drywall and what does no crown mean and what is a luan mating wall . . . .Any one know?
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After the sterness of your rebuke I was not sure whether to proceed with researching an answer or not. We moderators are all volunteers with no monetary remuneration.

These are terms from the manufactured home industry.

residential prefinished drywall - Falls somewhere between the commonly found vinyl covered 3/8" sheetrock panels and some type of acrylic coating

walls finished to ceiling (no crown) - Most manufactured homes have a different treatment between walls as described above and the ceilings. Ceilings are usually sprayed on acoustic type. Where the two intersect and the wall/ceiling joint there is usually a crown molding. In this instance the walls and ceiling are the same with no molding to delineate.

luan mating wall - at this time "no idea"

And you do ask for OUR opinions!
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Dear needs,

It DOES matter where you read this. It is NOT, I repeat NOT a common term. It could be a local term or, probably as Carpenter says, a pre-mfg home (aka mobile home).

Why not ask the salesman that gave you the literature?
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Dear Needs.
If you don't want to hear the answer, don't ask the question. I have heard these terms before. I think it was from an ex-car salesman, who now sells mobile homes.
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Red face

Sorry if you thought i was giving a stern rebuke. . . but I did ask for the meaning of the terms NOT where you thought i had read them . . . .I called a dry waler and he told me Pre-finished drywall meant it was already taped , and wall compound over the nails and sanded, with a base coat of paint on it , as apposed to unfinished which just meant the drywall was nailed to the wall studs no tape sanding ect. . .No vinyl coating at all, reg drywall.
he also said 'no crown meant no molding at the top of the wall and a luan mating wall was usually a thin sheet of wood covering the wall half way up . . kinda like a wainscotting.
Sorry again if I sounded . . unappriciative . . .I just wanted the explanation of the terms.
Also this was Not from a mobile home catalog

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