Hanging pictures on plaster walls


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We just moved into a house with plaster walls and we're not sure if you can hang and secure pictures, paintings and mirrors the same way you can with drywall. Some of our pieces are large and heavy. Any advice would be appreciated.
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I have the same type walls, but fortunately have a picture rail at the top. (This is a piece of wood moulding which, in my case, is on the wall where you'd normally see a crown moulding.) The only problem I had was finding the thingys that are designed to fit on the moulding so you can hand the picture wire from them - kinda S-shaped brass-colored metal hangars. I found a frame shop that was really nice about looking for them, and that's what I've been using. I did notice, though, that the former owners used toggle bolts to hang some of their pictures. This would work for hanging one or two large pictures, but you probably don't want to put lots of toggle bolts in your walls!
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You didn't really say what is large or what is heavy.

The method is probably geared to the task.

In general plaster walls give less problems that drywall. If you are sure to be in a lath instead of in the cracks between two lath(s) that will hold a very good weight, up to say 5 pounds with no problems.

Screw type connectors / hangers work good, they are easy to put in and remove if a small pilot hole is used.

For very large or super heavy things, I would use more than one hanger or attachment point to spread the load.

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