What sheetrock thickness?


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If they only sell 1/2" sheetrock in 12 ft. lenghts can I use that on walls and ceiling, or is 5/8 better for walls??
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Half-inch is fine.
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1/2" will work fine in most cases. However, if you are 'rocking a firewall (such as between the garage and the house, or a common wall between 2 apartments or condos) then you must use 5/8" rock (type "X").
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1/2 " works well on walls with 16" o.c. It is available in 4x8 sheets as well as 4x12 and longer.

If your studs are greater than 16" o.c., go with thicker drywall for a stiffer wall.

Ceilings should be 5/8 to avoid sag, even if the rafters are 16" o.c., though 1/2 will work.
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By the time it ahs taken to answer all these sheetrock questions, I could have flown to Waco, and had the job done. Coffee time itn't it ?
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I like mine black. No sugar or cream.

3/8" for trailer houses

1/2" for walls 16" O.C.

5/8" for walls 24" O.C. and all ceilings

5/8" Type "X" for all firecode walls

Screws in the field. Nails only on the beveled edge.

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Condensation on storm windows, 2nd story


I have been experiencing condensation on the inside of my storm windows on the second story of my house (2 story colonial style). I am looking for a little help trying to get rid of this. There are no problems with the windows on the first floor of the house.

The windows are vintage 1960's double hung wood frame windows. I don't notice too much of a draft from them, but I am sure they are not perfectly sealed. Storm windows are standard 3 track storms with 2 glass panes and a screen. House is located in Central Pennsylvania and we seem to have the problem when the temperature gets into the 40's outside overnight.

I just bought the house this past spring, and I don't remember if they did this last winter, but I did recently seal up a couple of good sized attic bypasses, so if air had been escaping through there, it no longer can!

Only thing I can guess that is happening is that the pressure inside the house on the 2nd floor is greater than on the first floor and is leaking out the double hung window and getting "stuck" between it and the storm window.... causing condensation. Which leads me to believe I should try sealing up the double hung windows to prevent the leakage (have tried, not having much luck yet).

Am I on the right track or not?? Thanks for any help you can provide



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