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I am going to try and texture my dining room ceiling to try and hide the dry wall tape that is visible. From talking to friends, I was told that it is easier than trying to feather spackling over it unless you know what you're doing (to which I don't). Anyway, my question- what kind of textured paint would be the easiest to use for a novice like myself? I went to Lowes in town and they have a kind of textured paint that has a popcorn looking affect when it's finished but from the directions you have to use a trowel to apply it. Is there another kind of textured paint that can be applied with a roller that would still be effective in hiding the dry wall tape seams ? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance--Vince
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Vince, unless you feather the tape joints, as suggested by your friend, they will show, no matter what type of texture you apply to the ceiling. Use a 12" to !5" length of 2X4 and 80 grit paper to sand the joints, remud them and sand them again after they are dry (24 hours) Just don't sand so hard, or so much, as to tear into the paper of the sheetrock. All you are doing is knocking off the high spots in the mud. An extra day or two spent here will be well worth it. You have to live with the results of this for years!!
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Is your friend a drywall finisher by chance? If so, he's in the WRONG BUSINESS! The tape joint will show big time unless it is sanded out or cover by at least mud an 1/8" thick.

I'd rather sand it out and do it right as Lefty suggests.

Have you considered renting a compressor and hopper to shoot the texture on? You won't nee to roll anything then. You can even mix the tuxture with paint and do them both at the same time!

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Thanks Guys for your input!! No, my friend is not a carpenter but a do it yourselfer like me. We were thinking hypothetically and not experiencially for neither of us have ever had luck hiding drywall seam tape. I will try it as you suggested and hope I can hide a multitude of sins. Thanks----Vince

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