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I hate my textured walls. What is the proper or most efficient way to smooth them?
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If these are sheetrock textured walls (not plaster), you can remove the texture by laying down plastic on the floor, spraying water on the texture with like a Windex spray bottle just enough to wet it, and scraping off the damp mud with a 10" sheetrock knife. Experiment with it in an area that does not have sheetrock tape first to get the hang of it. It's a messy job, but not too difficult. After you've scraped off all texture, repair/smooth the sheetrock and taped joints, paint. Good Luck!
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The method suggested by "Old Guy" will work, but so will you (LOTS!!) I would probably just try to top coat them with new mud. But even at that, depending on how smooth you want them to end up, will be time consuming. Quickest way would be to resheetrock the walls and apply as much or as little texture as you want.
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The middle ground

Not to disagree with the above posters, they both are right, but there is a middle ground. I have just done this job in part with advice from this forum. It is a great deal of work. Spraying liquid should only be tried on small surfaces and with certain compliant materials. Try it and see if it works. Re-hanging drywall would be great if you've got the will or the cash. Before you do that, try a wallpaper steamer. Use a fine 8 inch scraper. Try to avoid too many tears in the drywall surface. These all have to be repaired. This method worked, although with some considerable effort. The job took a solid three day weekend for a 300 square foot room. But the cost was nominal compared to hanging wallboard.
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What kind of texture is it??? You wont be able to just spray water on textured walls and scrape it off.
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Have these walls been painted? If so, spraying water and scraping won't work.

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