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Hello. I have a lake cabin built in the '20s with cinder block walls. I would like to punch a hole in the wall and put in a window, and another one for an air conditioner. Two problems come to mind: 1)the row of block immediately over the opening could collapse, and 2)how to deal with the staggered opening that will result.

Does anyone have any experience or advice in this area?

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You can rent concrete cutters at local rental shops. The opening size should include the frame size of the window, a pressure treated window buck built of 2x8 or 10s to fit, plus a lintel to support the blocks above, and another 1/2" between the buck and your window for shimming & insulation. The lintel size depends on window width and whether the wall it is in supports the roof rafters. If you can, cut a "T" in your opening to support the lintel. Or it can be supported by doubling the vertical members of the buck. Build the lintel like a box and fill with insulation.

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