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HELP!! I started removing old tiles from our bathroom in the hopes that I could add a little texturing to the walls and paint, but the top layer of sheetrock is ripping off too--should I just take all the old sheetrock out and put new in? How difficult is it to put sheetrock in? I am a total novice at this kind of thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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Since the layer of paper on the sheetrock is coming off, I would recommend that you replace the sheetrock. Tear the old damaged sheetrock off cutting it back to the center of a stud, cut the new sheetrock to size using a utility knife and nails or screws. Sink the nails or screws just below the surface being careful not to break the paper.

Get some fiberglass sheetrock tape, some sheetrock mud and a 6" putty knife.Put the tape over the joints and then apply the mud over the joints being as neat as you can. The excess will have to be sanded off. Fill your nailholes with the mud. Allow it to dry and then do the joints and nailholes two more times. Now its time to sand. As you spread the sheetrock mud, you need to feather it out over a larger area each time.

Its easier to spread the mud if you mix it in the bucket first. This makes it more creamier and you may want to add a little water to thin it out.

After you have put all the mud on, its time to sand it. Get some sheetrock sanding paper and a sanding block. After sanding, prime the walls

It can be difficult for someone inexperienced to do a good sheetrock job but take your time and good luck.
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First of all, I would say that the moderator has told you the correct way to do it. However, I have a couple of things to add. If the paper is completely pealing off, and the rock is crumbling out, yes, I would replace the rock. But if you're only peeling off the very thin topmost bit of paper, I would probably just mud over it. The paper is the only strength to sheetrock, so if all the paper is peeling off, you'll have to remove the rock, but I've usually found that its only a thin top bit that comes off. After you replace the rock, or mud over the peeled paper, apply a texture (I use a mud-dobber or a sprayer). The most important thing in a bathroom is to put on SEVERAL coats of paint. Even if it looks good after a primer coat and one top coat, add another. You won't regret it.
Good Luck!

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