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How do you smooth out a sand textured ceiling so you can apply mud after a repair?
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I'm a little confused about what you're asking. If you've repaired the cieling, and your trying to match an existing sand texture, then why are you sanding the non-damaged sections?? This aside, I will tell you, sanding is always done with sand paper, and trying to match a texture is always a pain. I would probably retexture the entire room, going right over the existing texture. This will give the room a new look, and will very effectively hide the repair job. Either spray on a texture using a hopper or apply a custom texture with the mud-dobber. You can look up both online to view the results you'll end up with. I would add that a texture hopper isn't the easiest thing in the world to use. I prefer the mud-dobber. If you're going to try to match the sand texture, you're on your own, I've tried it and I always end up texturing the room anyway.
Good Luck!
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Actually, what I was wondering was:
How do you tape the joints if one side of the sheetrock is smoothe and the other is textured?
Can the sand textured side be smoothed out by sanding?
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Hello again,

Yes, you can certainly sand the textured drywall. However, don't sand until its even with the new piece, simply sand until the "texture" has been removed, then feather in the mud to hide the difference.

Good Luck!

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