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I have an interior all that is made from concret block. The wall was at one time an exterior wall prior to the additon. The wall had a set of double windows. Which I have removed. I want to sheetrock the wall to blend it in with the rest of the house. I was thinking of attatching furing strip and then applying the sheet rock the the fering strips. Am I on the right track with this?
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What you have in mind is about the easiest way to accomplish this. Go for it!
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Further to the previous post, that's the way it's normally done. However, instead of attaching the furring strips to the concrete wall, and then attaching the drywall to the furring strips, you'd be better off building a stud wall out of furring strips (with top and bottom plate) on a flat floor first, standing it in front of the concrete block wall, then using shims to accomodate any significant gaps between the two walls, and drive your fasteners through those shims. You'll end up with a flatter wall that way.

I'd probably be inclined to use flat head Tapcon screws to attach the wood wall to the block one.

Also, consider drywall screwing some 1/2 inch plywood to the bottom plate. Decide what kind of baseboard you want to use, then have some 1/2 inch plywood ripped so that the pieces are a little narrower. Drywall screw them to the bottom plate of the wall first.
This has the following advantages:

1.) You can use shorter smaller finishing nails to attach your baseboard because you won't have to go through 1/2 inch of drywall before you hit something solid.

2.) If you ever pull off that baseboard, you won't muck up the drywall.

3.) If you ever overfill your sink or knock over an aquarium, the water has to be a good few inches deep on the floor before the drywall will get wet.

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