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I'm putting up new 2x4 stud interior walls, and want to have good barriers for sound transmission trhough the walls. I've heard of using plastic or metal clips to hold the sheetrock off the walls, or staggering the studs, but I'm wondering if I could get good results by just stuffing fiberglass batts in tightly; that is, instead of leaving the batts uncompressed, as for insulation for heat& cold, is it a good idea to compress the batts to the maximum and stuff as much insulation as possible between the walls if the main concern is blocking noise?

And where I've already put up the sheetrock (but not finished it) with the standard, loose, batts behind it, would it make enough difference in sound transmission to make it worthwile to tear down the sheetrock and add more insulation before finishing the wall?

And/or is there a more effective way of making a sound barrier?
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A good way of reducing sound transmission between rooms is to build two walls, close together, only an inch apart. Sheetrock only one side of each wall. That way, noise from one room (which may cause the wall to vibrate) won't cause the other wall to vibrate, which won't reproduce the same noise in the other room.

I would put uncompressed fiberglass batts BETWEEN the walls (not between the studs in each wall) to dampen vibrations.
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Do a web search for "CMHC". That stands for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. They are a government owned agency that underwrites mortgages offered by banks in Canada and they also do a lot of research work on effective means to overcome housing problems. I expect they will have a lot of information on how to prevent noise transmission between rooms. The US government should have a corresponding department that probably does similar work.

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