Joint compound over block?


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I am redoing a old house and the family room in the basement has painted block walls. Can I put joint compound over these walls and give them a textured look. Does anyone know of another inexpensive way to mask the block?
Thanks, Kevin
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I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to bet that you'll have a difficult time getting the mud to stick to the brick directly. If I were you, I'd use some firring strips and attach a thin layer of sheetrock over the bricks. This would work for sure.

As far as texturing(My specialty). I always recommend a custom texture from a mud-dobber(Look in the links section). Its the easiest and nicest texture going. If you must have a standard, orange peel texture, I would recommend hiring someone to do it. The expense of renting the compressor and hopper would be more than the cost of hiring someone.

Good Luck!
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You can purchase block filling paints (step one). They are more viscous than standard paints, plus they are made especially for concrete block. Create a uniform surface with as much paint as it takes. Depending on how you want to texture (gun, hand) thin topping compound with more block filling paint then apply. That was method one.

Method two requires a hopper gun. Acoustical texture can be sprayed on after the surface is "primed" with thinned CPA. "Acoustical texture" is not ordinary ceiling texture found at home centers. It is used in commercial buildings. Thus consult a real building supply store.

Note: texture will fail if there are moisture problems latter on.
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they have testure for concrete. Seal thw wall first then apply.

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