Help replacing panelling with drywall


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Angry Help replacing panelling with drywall

Hi All,
I have a basement that does not have enough natural light and with wood panelling it is real dull and boring. I will like to put in dry wall and the give it a bright color paint. How big is the project and about how much do I need to get started on it. Thanks for your help.

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Since its a basement, you might want to consider just painting the paneling. There are several topics in the Painting thread on how to do this. I just did it in my great room and it looks wonderful.
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How big is your basement? Pretty big job. Have to take down paneling and disguard. Have to bring in drywall, hand and finish it. Your baseboard and caseing will be either too big or too small depending on what size panneling you have. Is your ceiling sheet rocked already??
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dewgirl is right, if the panaling is installed properly (no gaps at the seems, or pulling away from the wall) painting the paneling is a quicker, less expensive alternative to replasement. This can be done to look very nice when completed and give the wall a little texture at the same time.

Otherwise, drywalls cheap, between $4 - $5 per 4x8 sheet depending on where you live. Asuming you have 2x4 or 2x2 lumber attached to your cinder block, hanging the drywall is not that dificult iether. Simply cut to fit and screw in place, make sure your seems meet on a stud.

Adding mud to drywall is kind of an art form, some people just can't do it right no matter how hard they try. Others pick up on it right away. Take your time and use several coats.

Total cost depends on the size of your room and weather there are 2x4 or 2x2 studs behind the panaling.

$4-$5 per sheet of drywall
$7-$9 for a 3 gl bucket of mud
$2 for a role of tape
$6 for screws
$10 - $30 drywall tools, there are many cheap, single use items others would recomend durable slightly more expensive models.

For example a 20' X 20' room would cost about $150 in materials.

The project could be done in a weekend and is as simmple as pulling out the old and putting in the new. Unless the paneling is glued to the cinder block, then you could double the cost and nearly double the time by the need for 2x2 or 2x4 studs to attach the drywall.

Hope this helps
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I actually used a tube of wood filler for the seams if there was enough of a gap to show. After priming with Zinsser 123, I could see where I need to fill in before painting.
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Hi Guys,
Thanks for the detailed information you have provided me. I am leaning toward painting already because my budget is really tight for this project.

Thanks once again,

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