Drywall texture tool - mud-dobber??


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I'm in the middle of a remodel and have gotten to the point where I'm about to texture the walls.
I read in an earlier message something about using a "mud-dobber". I asked for this tool at my local hardware store and I recieved blank looks. Is this tool not available in California or just my town??

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I just bought one and it should be here this week. I am remodling next week. The only place that I think you can get it is on the web. I will post on how it was to use after my job is done. It is $24 including shipping and handling. The url is http://www.mud-dobber.com/ That should get you there.

Good luck
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Hello Weekend_warrior,

I checked out the link you sent, and the tool looks perfect for me. Finally something other than those lame looking rollers. I look forward to hearing about how it worked out for you.

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I just thought I'd put in my two cents. I bought a mud-dobber thingy about six weeks ago. I was using it to texture a new bedroom that I had added on. I liked the texture it gave so much, that I went on to texture my office too(It was smooth). It works great and I highly recommend it!


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