hiring contractor w/o insurance


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I need to have drywall work in a room addition; and consider to hire a contractor
recommended by a friend. However, this contractor does not have liability insurance himself, since he works for a construction company. Should it be OK if we put a waver statement saying something like: homeowner will not be liable for injury/death caused from the work by the contractor?

Or would you recommend that I should not hire him at all?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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I'm not an attorney, but I have hired many uninsured contractors over the years. However, you are right about your liability for death or injury claims.
If you decide to do some type of waiver, consult an attorney to do it. Good Luck!
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What about protecting yourself? Liability insurance carried by a contractor is your protection for restitution should he or his employees cause damage to you or your home. Uninsured, he can walk away from any problems & you are left holding the bag.
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Buying additional insurance?

Does anybody know if I can buy liability insurance myself for me or contractor to insure the work?
Who would I talk to? How much would it be?

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hiring contractor w/o insurance

Check out what kind of coverage you may have on your home owners policy.

Even if you have a waiver, you can still end up in a suit to shake out the facts and determine if the waiver protected you.

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In most places it is illegal to require another to "sign their life away" in the performance of their employment.

Besides which, pay him when the job is completed.

That's your insurance.

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