Cove Molding and Textured Ceiling


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It has been decided that we should install cove molding in a room with a textured ceiling. My guess is that I should sand a strip around the edge of the ceiling so that the molding will lie flush. Should this be done by hand or can a sander of some sort be used? Is cove molding attached to the wall only, like baseboard, or should it attached to the ceiling as well. Would it then be nailed or could adhesive be used?
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Is what you are calling "textured" what I call stippled, a sprayed on product? It can be scraped off with a putty knife. Applying the molding over the stipple and finishing with a bead of latex caulking would also work. Locate the studs in the wall to fasten the cove mold. Unless you can find the strapping the drywall is fastened to & the direction its running, your more apt to hit fog by nailing into the ceiling. Adhesive will work along with naling, but future removal of the molding will rip the paper and cause additional work. I assume the cove is wood, and not gypsum.
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Thanks Allan - I normally call it stippled as well, but when I was browsing this site I never saw that phase used and so thought textured was the term in vogue. I'm told now it will be gypsum and have found that one just muds the edges that will go aginst the wall & ceiling to adhere it.

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"Stippled" usually refers to the look you get from using a stipple roller. The look is generally on the outs(At least where I live) in favor of knock-down textures, both spray on and custom. If the texture looks like a knife was dragged across it after it was put on, it is a knock-down texture. Stippled textures usually have lots of very little bumps, sometimes looking very close to a sand texture paint. It used to be popular, but I haven't had a request for it in years. Most popular textures now are custom knock-down textures(Like from a mud-dobber) or just the standard spray knock-down texture.

Anyways, Good luck with the molding.

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The minute I say the word stippled, and knew both you and Allen were from Canada. Down
here in the States, we call it texturing or mudding/ Stippled has been out for years.
Have a good day.

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