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Help. How to remove mirror tiles from wall?
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Removing the mirrors is easy -- get a BIG hammer! Now comes the hard part -- removing the adhesive that attached those mirrors. I would plan on removing the existing sheetrock and replacing it with new.
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The mirror tiles I've had experience with are just stuck to the wall with double sided tape in the 4 corners of the tile and often with a 5th piece in the middle. Because the walls aren't always completely flat, the tape that's used is fairly thick and spongey.

I would try to cut through the bottom pieces with a razor knife, the middle piece with a hack saw blade if it'll fit behind the tile, then pry the bottoms of the tiles outward to pry them off the pieces of tape at the top.
If it's just pieces of double sided tape holding them on, you shouldn't have to replace the drywall. You might take some of the surface paper off, but that's minor.

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