waste water damage to wall


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My upstairs neighbour's washer waste pipe leaked about a week ago. My ceiling and wall now appear to have dried with little damage (some staining only), but I am left with a horrible smell to the wall which I am told is due to the soiled water. Can I expect this smell to go, how long will it take, and should I do anything now? Any experience shared here would be most welcome. Thank you.
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When you soak a carpet too much when cleaning it, the water gets under the carpet and ends up wetting the underpad. If this happens, then the room will smell musty and moldy until the carpet and pad fully dry, then the smell goes away. I expect a similar thing will happen with the wall.
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Depending on how bad the damage is, I would check into some cleaning solutions. There is stuff you can spray on your walls to kill the bacteria in an affected area. You can't be too cautious with construction molds. They can cause quite serious health problems.
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I wouldn't take a chance with it. Their renter's insurance should cover your repairs. Replace the damaged drywall.

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