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New poster here, just bought first home and have some questions. The house interior is mostly made up of Panel. I want to know what the best thing to do with it is. paint over it or rip it down and Drywall and paint all over? I assume that just painting it will be the most affordable however, I also want to do it right.
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Well that would depend on the layout, is there existing sheetrock under the paneling? If there is, taking the paneling off and finishing the rock might be the best thing to do.

If there is no rock under the paneling then you will have to consider all the other items that will need to be modified in order to put up rock, such as removing and shimming the door casing (trim), window sills, plugs, etc. This would consist of a near total room remodel.

Even if there is rock under the paneling you may have to do some of the above work but just opposite (taking the jamb back because of the missing paneling).

You need to examine the layout before ripping down the paneling and decide if that is what you want to do.

If you decide to paint, there are plenty of advise in the past posts on that. Others here may have some better ideas.
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Well, in one of the bedrooms, it looks like the panel was glued on top of drywall, I'll have to look more into the rest of the house. Appriciate the help

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