How to create textured wall


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Can you tell me how to create a textured
finished on a wall? Which drywall compound
to use?

Thanks for your help.

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Texturing is a comprehensive subject, and you haven't said what you are looking for, but hope this helps.
There are many "texture" paints available. These are nothing more then a paint, usually latex, with an aggregate of some kind added for the "texture". Most of these products are rolled on. There are also specialty rollers sleeves available the will customize the texture effect. Almost any home improvement center, paint or hardware store will carry these products.

You can also use many texturing products from builing suppliers. These are a more elaborate to apply,(air compressor, hopper gun, etc.) but can be manipulated my the applicatior (you) for more control ofver the effect, whereas the above a pretty much one shot. USG's "TUF TEX" ia a fine product.

There are also very elaborate plaster veneers available. Very labor intensive though, but available from building suppliers. Again, USG's "PLASTER DIAMOND FINISHING SYSTEM," is a fine product.

Many textures are also simulations of plaster that are created with drywall joint compound. Apply it to a properly preped wall to the desired texture. This product is prone to cracking and shirkage.

There are also some very high end plasters available such as "VENTIAN and MARMINO." Visit "TEXSTON'S" web site to review these products. These products are generally for the skilled users though. Hope this helped.
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I would recommend that you buy USG all purpose joint compound in a five gallon bucket. They sell seperate topping compound thats creamier, but the all purpose works fine. I would then suggest you buy a mud-dobber(Only available online -- see the links section). This tool will allow you to create a nice custom texture and its easy enough to use that amatuers will get nice results. The rollers that are available give (in my opinion) kinda cheesy looking results.
If these options don't appeal to you, you could rent the compresser and hopper that pro's use, but it would probably not be worth the time and money. If you want a sprayed on texture, I'd recommend hiring someone.

Good Luck!

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