Messed up walls


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Messed up walls

Hi all.

I just removed the wallpaper in my bathroom and found that some of the underlying paint came off with it. I now have spots where there is some old paint and other areas where there is bare plaster. The ratio is about 50/50. I am tryng to paint it up those spots will show through as the surface is now very uneven and blotchy looking. Is my only option to skim coat the walls with drywall compound or drywall over it all again. Scraping the paint only makes it worse as the wall gets damaged further. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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If the rest of the paint comes off when you scrape it, it is failing as well. The best course of action is to remove all the failing paint. The failing paint won't get any better on its own. After you remove whatever will come off, skim coat with some lightweight joint compound, sand smooth, prime, and paint. Use a good quality primer-sealer to provide a good base for the paint.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the reply,

Some of the paint comes off, but other areas it is on there real good. I scrapped what I could but started to damage the walls further on the paint that was still solid. Any other thoughts?

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Anyone else have an idea on what to do.

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Scrape off what is loose. Sounds like you already did. use mud to fill in the gaps. Let dry. sand and touch up. Re paint.

Don't damage the drywall anymore than is necessary.

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