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I am posting this topic to "eat crow" and hopefully prevent others from making the same costly mistake that I have. A while back I posted some inquiries on how to drywall my unfinished basement. The advice I got was terrific. I hung 90 sheets of drywall per the advice I recieved without a problem. I was adviced on how to mud the joints and what materials to use. I was also advised that mudding is an art and if I started the job and found it was too difficult that I should hire a pro. Well, I taped all the joints using a self adhesive mesh tape and began mudding. I finished all the ceilings and a couple of vertical joints before I finally swallowed my pride and realized it looked like crap. I am now getting estimates from some contractors and they are all telling me the same thing. Mesh tape is crap and they will rip it all down including what was already mudded and start from scratch. This is going to be quite labor intensive and cost me a bundle. I would have actually saved more money if I let a crew come in and do the entire project. I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that the advice you receive on this sight is dead on and should be followed to the tee. These people do not try to discourage you fom doing it yourself, but they will tell you when they think you are in over your head. Please listen to them and do not be offeneded by the saying " get a pro's help" they really do know what they are talking about. To all the people that tried to worn me, I say "thank you". I only wish that I would have listened. Keep up the great work. Also, I ran all the plumbing, electric, phones, cable t.v., insulation, and a copper waterline for the refrig. all based on information I was given on this site. They all were fairly easy projects and they al PASSED inspections! I just took a while to learn that drywalling is NOT my calling in life. Thanks again

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Sorry to hear you had such a rough go of it. I think that maybe if you hadn't used the mesh tape you would have had better luck.

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Dear Stuck,

I too learned mudding is not for me. I did a few small areas and just couldn't get the hang of it. Fortunately I have a bro-in-law that can do a decent job of it. It did take a lot of sanding on my part but I can handle the sanding and touch-up mudding. Still, next time I'll hire someone else to do it.
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Stuck in the Mud, I remember your post, hey, at least you saved some $ by doing a lot of the other work yourself, giving the mudwork a go shows ambition, realizeing you need help in that phase shows intelligence, I know people that didn't stop and made a real mess of things. I have repaired what looked as if mud applied with the bare hands (now that is a mess) I agree with the tapers you got, I would also remove the mesh tape, I have seen too many problems with it and in architec specs, they will require you use a quiksetting type joint compound if you are to use mesh tape(it cures much harder)

I hope your future projects go as well!(excluding the mud work )


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