Mask for plaster removal


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Mask for plaster removal

I am in the process of removing A LOT of plaster from my house - big, dirty job. I bought a mask with screw-in filters for toxic dust. It's horsehair plaster and I had it tested and it doesn't contain asbestos but I would imagine that there is lead paint in on the plaster plus I don't want all that old plaster dust in my lungs.

Last night I was working and I noticed a lot of dust inside the mask. I checked to make sure that the filters were seated correctly and that the mask was tight - both things checked out.

Should I be using a different type of mask? A dust mask inside the other mask? Thanks!
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Interesting problem. Perhaps you have the wrong filters for the certain dust you have. check it out. I know it is a MESSY job but will be well worth it when your done.
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If the proper filters are seated and there is dust in the mask, it doesn't fit. Go back through the fit testing procedure. It may be the mask won't fit your face. Not everyone can wear the same mask style.

Hope this helps.
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Paint containing lead is typically only found on woodwork. Lead Acetate was used to improve the gloss. Lead Oxide as a pigment is very rarely encountered and is very stable. Plaster dust can be extremely fine. The filter you need should be a HEPA type. Loog at Grainger's web site and you can probably find out exactly what you should be using.
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Thanks everyone! Brickeyee, great info, thank you!

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