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Angry Plastered walls

Can anyone tell me the best way for hanging/anchoring heavy items and in general, objects on plastered walls? I've yet to find a good anchor that will hold well or is easy enough to install and do the trick.

My house was built in 1850, all plaster walls and everytime (so it seems) I want to hang a heavy picture, coat rack, clock et.. it becomes a nightmare. I've tried a bunch of different anchors but everytime I drill to insert the anchor, the hole gets bigger, the plaster at the start of the hole seems to chip away more than desired...I end up having to patch and paint and start again.

Is there a shore fire method for anchoring?

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Have you tried a toggle bolt type of anchor? Also sometimes referred to as butterfly anchors.
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Do you have picture molding, that is, the wood that looks like crown mounted just below the ceiling on the wall? Its purpose is to hold pictures from the curved metal clips available for it.

One thing that helps keep plaster from cracking is to put some scotch tape where you intend to fasten. This prevents surface cracks. When I have to make a hole, I drill it with a masonry bit. My plaster is mounted on gyprock, not wood or metal lath.

There is a stick on product called Command from 3M.

These stick well and may be strong enough for your application. I have used them on glass and vinyl siding.

Hope this helps.
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Ive tried the toggle type but the problem is that I needed to drill a pretty large hole to get the butter-fly in...thus creating a nightmare with the plaster cracking and chipping. Once in though, it did work great.
The other problem so too speak is I have fount that some walls are 1.5" to 2." thick with plaster and using the butterfly, I then need a longer screw which translates to a bigger butterfly.

I will try putting tape and using a masonary bit rather than the standard drill bit.
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Molly (hollow wall ancor bolts) are available up to 3 inches. You drill a hole (use a carbide tipped masonry bit as suggested) and insert the anchor and expand it. The trick in plaster walls is to use a setting tool to expand the anchor. The little metal prongs do not work in plaster and the anchor will not expand and come up tight. The setting tool grabs under the screw head and pulls the anchor against the front of the tool. try a good hardware store. They will probably have to order it, but they are usually around $20. The tool has a pistol grip and a handle to squeeeze, along with a locking mechanism and a lock release.
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You hit this one on the nose. I just bought the "molly's" and had trouble inserting them (that's what made me start this string). These were the only type (I think) I hadn't tried. They looked to me like they should do the I tried them. Well needless to say, I ended up patching the wall.

I think the key will be getting the tool as you spoke of and the correct drill bit. I'm going to give these a whirl again.

I did a search on anchors and found a good site...if anyone is interested. It talks of all the different kinds of anchors.

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