A Drywall Goof?


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Question A Drywall Goof?

I am a virgin when it comes to hanging drywall. The mistake Ive made is I've hung a few sheets wrong-side-out...meaning the side with the 2" or so recess for the tape and mud is facing my studs. However, with the 1/2" drywall I used, even the wrong side seems to have a 3/4" recess.

Do I have to pull down the incorrectly hung sheets or can I make up for this goof during the taping and mudding process?

Out of 28 sheets that I've hung, I've made this mistake with three. So It wouldn't be too bad of a delay to rehang the goofed sheets.

Thanks for any fedback
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Even if this causes no structural problems, when you go to paint the walls, you will be painting on two different surfaces. The correct side on most of you r wall and the wrong side of the drywall on these few sheets. I would take the few sheets down and rehang them. Much easier to do now than later.
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I'd say that if it's just 3 or 4 sheets, take them down & reverse them, it'll make the finishing stage easier on you. As to the painting of the reversed drywall, if it is properly sealed & primered, you'll never know the difference after the finish paint goes on. The sealer/primer is what gives you the standard base surface for your finish paint to adhere to.

If you're gonna reverse the sheets, use a nail punch to drive any nails completely thru the sheets, so they can be reused. If you used screws, which you hopefully did, no problem.

One other thing, if you used glue also, all bets are off on reusing the sheets, you'll never get them down without destroying them. Good luck.
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Unless you are very good at taping and mudding it you will find it will either show, or take you a lot longer to mud the joints. Flat seams need to be around 24 inches or so wide to really disappear.

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