4 questions...tape and tex


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Question 4 questions...tape and tex

Someone else hung and taped my shop/garage. Terrible job, now I have to re-do it. Walls hung first, ceiling edges not secure, nailers missing and edges wobbly. Half inch gaps at joints and inside coaners, had to tear the tape down, re-screw, etc…
1. step by step tape and tex on the internet?
2. How do I fill the big gaps?
3. Do I soak/wet the tape before applying?
4. How do I learn to skip trowel texture?
Thanks in advance, scooter
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You should be able to find most of the answers to your taping & finishing questions here on the site at this page,http://doityourself.com/wall/index.htm

First thing you gotta do is get all the board that's hanging secured, it's impossible to properly tape & finish board that isn't securely fastened. The 1/2" gaps you're referring to have to be pre-filled with mud and allowed to dry prior to trying to tape. Hung the walls first, whoever did this job had no clue what he was doing. Almost sounds like you're best bet might be to just cover up what's there with new board and then tape & finish. Hope that helps, post back with the questions which will inevibiility come up.
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Sure, I can do that. I've heard that one before. Fortunatly, If you know what you're doing you can cover anything. Awesomedell is correct. First thing get it securely fastened before you do another thing. If this person screwed the sheets down he probably went to far with every screw. As far as skip trowel texture, I can talk you through it. Tools- 14" bull knose pool trowel. Hawk. 12" knife, 6" knife, mud pan. Materials- Mud. It's pretty easy. Just takes some practice to learn how you want it to look. If you want it heavy or busy or whatever. Put mud on the hawk, transfer the mud to the trowel, transfer the mud on the trowel to the wall.
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Thanks guys!!

Perfect! thanks for the lead on the webpage and advice.

Now I will have to figure out how to secure the edges where no nailer exists. You know, the edges of the ceiling that run parallel to the joists? Hmmm. I am too lazy to re-hang more rock, so I will have to do the best with what I have.
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How far away is the joist? If it's 6 or 7 inches or less you will be o.k. Any more and uh-oh.
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distance to joist?

The joist is far enough from the edge to be an Uh-Oh. I am working in the garage/shop, so I will cover this section of wall with bult-in storage, so I am going to let the sheetrock fly free and continue with the rest. The filling and taping I did yesterday looks fine. Time for coat # 2. Thanks again guys for tips.

I own all of the tools needed to do the skip trowel. I've done smooth coat before so I got a hawk and trowel, and I picked up a pool trowel at a garage sale years ago. Luckily, some of the walls in the shop will be behind storage cabinets. I'll have plenty of room to practice.

Thanks again, scooter

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