framing door opening


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framing door opening

is it ok to nail the king stud and trimmer stud together on the ground, and then toe nail this combo to the bottom plate?

will it hold properly with nails only in the outer portions of both 2x4s? since the 2x4s are nailed together prior, theres obviously no room for a toe nail between them in the middle/inner.

i hope im explaining this correctly.

this is for a door opening, for a 32" 1 5/8" solid core door, with a 5/4 stock jamb.

i find this far easier, and ive done one of my door openings like this already, but if its a bad idea ill rip it up and start over.
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As long as it's solid, plumb & square with a proper header above it, I think it'll be fine. Good luck.
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Re: framing door opening

well i should also mention that this is a non load bearing partition wall.

from what ive read, and been told on other message boards, i can make the header out of 2 2x4s with a 1/2" filler.

is this correct or ive been misinformed?
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If its just a doorway you can put a 2x4 flat on top and run jack studs from the top of doorway to top plate.

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