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Hello all. Here is one for you. I am remodling my entire house, upstairs is the next project. Currently all the walls in the upstairs are wood paneling. The inside walls where put up with 1x1n's and just paneling, no sheetrock, there are wall studs. I will be taking the wood paneling down. My question is. Can I put up 5/8 sheet rock, plus insulation. I want to make the house more sounds proof and insulated, since I live in MN, it gets cold. Is there any code restrictions against putting insulation in the Interior walls??


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1/2" sheetrock is normally used on walls, 5/8" on ceilings.
You can insulate any wall that you want, including interior walls. If you're insulating exterior walls, make sure that the vapor barrier is on the inside toward the heating space. If you're insulating an interior bathroom wall, also put the vapor barrier to the inside of the bathroom.
Good Luck!
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Great thanks. I am still going to use 5/8 instead of the typical 1/2 that is normally done, 5/8 is a little thicker and will work better for the sound. The insulation was the major ? I had

Thank you so much for your response.

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WOW!! That sounds exactly like my house when I bought it. I have a few more years till I'm done.

There should not be an issue with insulation on an interior wall. This is very common for sound barriors. To be 100% sure, contact your local building inspector.
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Great, sounds like a plan, hehe sounds like you have something I have. hehe More work, more work, keeps us young. Once I figure out how to get pictures on here, you will see the downstaris projects that my wife and I have done. ufta. :-) Thanks again. Have a great week!

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You might think about taking a look at the owens-corning site, they have quite a system for noise control. Really works well, I have used it in my house & was quite impressed with the result.
Here's a link to their sitehttp://www.owenscorning.com/around/s...cts/index2.asp
Good luck.

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