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Talking want a arch

i have added a wall within my house. now here is the question, in the doorway, my wife wants the top of the door to be an arch.(sheetrock). could anyone give me any tips or hints on doing this. the cheapest way might i add. lol thanks in advance for any assistance.

i was advised by tn andy, up in doors and windows, that awesomedell may be able to give me the run down on how to do it

You might check down in Walls/Ceilings with AwesomeDell, as he is more of a sheetrock specialist.

thanks a lot for any help.
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Easiest way is to cut the rock to fit the size than the arch top. I suggest 1/4" rock for this purpose, then soak it in water. When I go into a remodel or new construction with archways. I do this first thing, as the rock for the arch will need to soak for awhile until it's pliable. Once you got it soaked up, carefully take it out of the water and bend it into the approximate arch desired, now take a piece of twine and tie around it to hold the piece in the arch shape. Now let it dry completely, when it's completely dried, remove the twine and and fit the piece into the arch top and screw her down, I never use nails for this purpose.

Now add the straight legs to go up either side of the doorway to the beginning of the arch. You should have both sides of the wall rock already done before you start on the arch.

Couple of ways to finish the arch, the easiest would be to use a vinyl flex bead, most likely have to get it from a drywall supplier, other option would be to use flex-tape, this is a paper faced metal tape that comes rolled up in a box, this is widely available from home centers or lumber yards.

Hope that helps you out.

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i could not have been told anybetter by anybody. thanks a lot. you been excellant. merry christmas to you.
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da nada,

Happy Holidays to you my friend.
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check this site out for kits

this is a future project of mine as well
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