Adding a Room


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Adding a Room

I don't know if this is the right forum to ask this question, but it's the closest to what i am trying to do i guess.....i am buying a house and i want to add on a room (bedroom). Is this hard? Do most people just hire someone? Everybodys saying its so hard but i just dont see whats so hard about knocking out part of a wall, and sticking up four walls and a ceiling. Am i way off base here?
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It depends. Is the wall you are 'just going to knock out' a load bearing wall? Any wiring or plumbing in the wall? Do you also plan on wiring the room? To code? How good at hanging and finishing drywall are you?

Adding a room is not rocket science, but is hardly a beginner DIY project either.
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Where in this house do you plan to add a room?
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I'm not sure yet....i put in an offer on the house (it is very small) but im not sure i want it now, if i can't add to it. There is a small hallway off which is one room, i would probably add another room at the end of that hallway There is wiring there i think but no plumbing.
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i think the 1st person you should talk to is your local building inspector. they will tell you everything you will need to do and whether or not they will even let it be done. friend of mine wanted to add on to her kitchen last year and was told she couldn't because the addition would come too close to the alley.
funny thing is, there hasn't been an alley in that block for over 20 yrs. but it is still zoned that way.
once you find that out then you can ask for bids on supplies, labor, wiring, plumbing, etc. for the things you can't do yourself. you might find out that buying a bigger house to start with is more economical.

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But they allso didn't say anything about diging the footer 36" down and putting up block to the same hieght as the floor is now or tying the roof into the other roof and making sure the building is square, well I know some homes aren't, hehe.
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I agree with dickh. You would be far better off buying a larger house.
You can typically buy existing square footage living space for a fraction of what it would cost to build new in most markets.
If I were you, I would walk on this one, even if you have to forfeit your earnest money.
Good Luck!
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Thanks for everyones replies. You've given me a lot to think about.

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