Drywall ceiling and wall ??


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Drywall ceiling and wall ??

Just getting ready to start blueboarding my bathroom, Room is only 5 x 9.
When starting off do I start the walls or ceiling?
I also read a post that said 3/8 on the ceiling is a no no...
Would it really matter in such a small room?

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I would use 5/8" on the ceiling and hang it first, and 1/2" on the walls. You don't want sagging in a high-moisture room like a bath.
Good luck!
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Like oldguy says, hang the ceiling first. 1/2 should be fine for joists that are 16" on center. Make sure you use a really good bathroom paint so the moisture doesn't get to the rock.
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Forgive my ignorance, but is the blueboard you are going to use the moisture resistant type? If so, both U.S. Gypsum and National Gypsum (and I believe other manufacturers too) recommend using 5/8" thick on ceilings with framing at 16" o.c.

In fact, if it were my project, I would use 5/8" even if it was standard gypsum board. The difference in cost is very small, so why take a chance on sagging in a high humidity area like a bathroom.

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Blue board is for plaster. Green board is "moisture resistant". You are right. It is recommended that you don't use 1/2" green on the ceiling. The additive in the rock actually makes it wavy. Like I said there is no reason for any moisture to even get to the sheetrock to cause any problems. In my opinion, green board is a huge waste of time and money. If it get wet it gets damaged the same as regular rock.

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